Soaring High Above

A few weeks ago, I had the distinct opportunity to witness an amazing site.  While visiting my 83 year old mother, my grandson Michael, (14 years old) and I were asked by my mother if we wanted to take her canoe out on Whisky Town Lake near Redding, Ca. 

 We seized the opportunity, thinking that we would be doing most of the work, or at least our 14 year old grandson, and great-grandson would, being the strong strapping young man that he was….Wrong!  I learned a lot that day, and so did Michael.  As the three of us loaded up the canoe, paddles, a picnic lunch and some sunscreen, my mom told us that she had gone out on the lake a few weeks earlier, and if we were lucky, she would be able to show us something worth remembering. 

 Approximately 1 hour later, the three of us managed to get the canoe and all we had brought into the water and off we went.  My 83 year old mother, carefully instructing us in the fine art of paddling a canoe the way the Early American Indians had done it many moons ago.

 As we turned a corner, rounding a point, she suddenly pointed up to the top of a tall tree, and to our excitement, we both saw 4 fledglings evenly perched around a bald eagle’s nest, as if to mark off their own space.  They were spreading their wings, and reaching as high as they could safely reach, without actually taking off for their soon to be first flight.  Then suddenly, we heard their parents, (both mom and dad) screeching as they were circling over the lake, looking for food for their 4 precious babies.

 Just then, one swooped down, hit the lake, and came up with a fish and made a hasty retreat to the nest, where 4 happy eagles awaited.

 What an amazing sight!  What a memorable occasion for 3 generations to share together!  What an opportunity! 

 This memory is what I think of, every time I enter the conference room in Livermore, filled with 12 other fledglings on Thursdays.  Dennis Stewart, and the other “parents” from Realty World NCA have consistently for 3 weeks now, fed us amazing tools and lessons so that we may too, soon, stretch our wings and take that momentous flight and soar as eagles, high above the rest.

 Respectfully submitted by,

 Sue Langdon, Fledgling