To Be An Eagle

After years of hearing about the Eagle’s program that Realty World NCA puts on, I finally took a leap of faith and did it! 

 I wasn’t sure what to expect, except that from the time I was in high school, I’ve heard of C.V. Le Force’s famous program.  At Realty World NCA rallies, at other training programs I have attended, and from other agents who went through the program, my curiosity kept building and I knew that I would be in for quit an experience.

 When Dennis Stewart told us over a year ago, that the Eagles Program was being revived, but re-written to allow for the huge changes in the current real estate market, I just knew I would have to come and see what it was all about.

 At the end of the very first day, I knew that the values I will be obtaining during this course will lead me much higher than I could ever reach without becoming a member of that elite title as a “Realty World Eagle”

 As each session closes, I feel that I have gained more and more tools of such value, that will help me in my career.  It is not rocket science; It is common sense, mixed with a high volume of accountability, and just the right amount of motivation. 

 I challenge all who read this to come see for yourselves, the value of the Realty World Eagles Program.

 Jennifer West, soon to be Eagle Alumni

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